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Every child or young person is entitled to an education and Guernsey Education expects that students will have an attendance of at least 95%.

Being absent from school means a lost learning opportunity so where attendance falls below this we need to monitor and intervene to ensure that the students receive their entitlement to education.


We use the following ‘Tiers’ for monitoring attendance and intervention. 

🟢 Tier 0: 93-100%: No Action

🟡 Tier 1 90-92% Monitoring

🟣 Tier 2: 86-89%: Intervention

🔴 Tier 3: 85% (and below) Enhanced Intervention


We understand that there will be occasions when students are unable to come to school due to illness, appointments or other commitments. In these instances please contact our office as soon as possible to let them know. tel. 01481 226660

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